In public administration, next to keeping up the administrative factor, the efficient, transparent and cost-effective execution of operative tasks is of crucial importance. Prudent public operation in addition aims to contribute to the fulfillment of domestic and European Union goals, serving as a basis for economic growth, social welfare and sustainable development.


Considering the above, one of our Company’s priority goals is to enhance the efficiency and profitability of our state owned company clients, as well as to present proven and working, adequate innovative solutions for Ministries and all state partners of ours. Within this we take part in the preparation of professional assessments, studies and development projects supporting the rationalization of public administrative processes and establishment of highly operative state organizations.

We are devoted to supporting domestic foreign trade, which we believe can prosper only relying on the successful and internationally market competent basic players, small and medium size companies. As a result, we put special emphasis on the support of domestic enterprises reaching foreign markets, as well as on serving both foreign investors needs and national interests at the same time.  We are proud to be fully competent in meeting these challenges and provide professional support to our clients.