In the framework of GRID Ltd’s security awareness training and program the current security awareness level of employees can effectively be assessed and developed – security aware co-workers do not only have a role in risk mitigation of security incidents, but also represent business advantage.

Within the framework of our services we carry out the following tasks, depending on the chosen package:

  • Assessment of the security awareness level using a specialized questionnaire
  • Development of security awareness training materials and organization of the training
  • Development of security awareness campaign elements

Results of the questionnaire do not only serve as the basis for the training syllabus and materials, but as the directive guide for the development or completion of further security awareness measures, in addition to increasing effectivity and successful use of the above.

During the implementation of the security awareness program we put special emphasis on the training materials and content of campaign elements being optimized for the given organization, as well for examples and illustrations coming from the direct environment of the employees.


How do we support our clients?

  • At first, we review existing regulations with information security relevance in order to develop a personalized assessment questionnaire, training materials and campaign elements.
  • Within the framework of the questionnaire survey we assess the current security awareness level of employees – the questionnaire is put together for the company, and is evaluated following the fill-out.
  • We develop a training material personalized for the given company, based on which we carry out the training sessions. During the training teaming is possible (management, operation, administration, regular users or as requested).
  • We develop e-Learning materials upon request as well, with the help of which employees can gain the most important security awareness knowledge by themselves.
  • We prepare a security awareness campaign strategy, make proposals in relation of campaign elements (such as posters, newsletters, games, etc.), and upon request develop the materials in detail.

Upon request, we carry out a follow-up of the training and campaign effectiveness.

Results of the security awareness training and program

Based on our experiences, with the help of a personalized information security training and targeted security awareness campaign the security awareness level of employees can be greatly increased.

Main advantages of the security awareness program include:

  • Expansion of users’ information security knowledge
  • Better understanding of the regulations tend to lead to better compliance
  • Probability of successful information security attacks on employees decreases
  • Number of reported incidents and questions relating information security increases
  • Continuous attention id ensured during the campaign.


Points of assessment of the security awareness training and program, based on our experiences, have been divided into four service packages, according to the following:

  • General assessment

The aim is the identification of security awareness level of employees within the framework of questionnaire survey. Based on the results security awareness development strategy and methodology is determined.

  • Training

Development and carry out of an indoor (e-Learning optionally) training material and training, in teams and including follow-up upon request. Ideal for unique training, campaigns and regular trainings as well.

  • Campaign

The package primarily includes awareness raising and follow-up type elements (posters, newsletters, publications, games, etc.) which ensure the continuous attention level and