Our goal is to configure an efficient work process management using workflow supporting applications, namely effectively support process fulfillment by improving time/cost/quality aspects.

General characteristics of operation, potential problems:

  • Different tasks generally do not belong to one single employee anymore, but as a result of differentiated competences and responsibilities, involve more people
  • Materials tend to reach the employees forwarded via traditional systems –email, or printed- thus workflow is difficult to be monitored
  • Added value of individuals is hard to define, next to which it is difficult to monitor and evaluate opinions, proposals arriving from different levels, thus trach task delegations
  • Even in case of smaller enterprises a potential problem is the lack of a central manager overseeing different tasks as a whole
  • Process-based approach is still not common in case of enterprises
  • There are no automatic processes in cases of smaller routine tasks which could enable a faster workflow
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BPM (Business Process Management) is the efficient coordination of the organization and its clients. It is a holistic management approach, which supports business profitability and efficiency by the continuous development and optimization of processes and adaptation to the changing environment.

GRC (Governance Risk and Compliance) is an integrated approach to corporate risk mitigation. Even though separate entities, components of GRC together form a comprehensive methodology ensuring the feasibility of business operation.

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In order to be successful in the implementation of innovative solutions and ideas, or in the conscious planning of everyday operation, an adequate and realistic business plan of key importance. When preparing management decisions regarding complex projects or new concepts it is vital to have a business model backed-up by professional knowledge and including non-financial measures.

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In the framework of GRID Ltd’s security awareness training and program the current security awareness level of employees can effectively be assessed and developed – security aware co-workers do not only have a role in risk mitigation of security incidents, but also represent business advantage.

Within the framework of our services we carry out the following tasks, depending on the chosen package:

  • Assessment of the security awareness level using a specialized questionnaire
  • Development of security awareness training materials and organization of the training
  • Development of security awareness campaign elements

Results of the questionnaire do not only serve as the basis for the training syllabus and materials, but as the directive guide for the development or completion of further security awareness measures, in addition to increasing effectivity and successful use of the above.

During the implementation of the security awareness program we put special emphasis on the training materials and content of campaign elements being optimized for the given organization, as well for examples and illustrations coming from the direct environment of the employees.

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Business continuity planning is the process during which an organization prepares itself for the occurrence of irregular events threatening critical business processes, with the aim to be able to manage damages or deactivation and reset in critical business processes with the least possible time, financial and other resources.

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Prior to investment decisions, the accurate knowledge about the target companies and investments, determination and confirmation of real market value is of key importance.

Our due diligence services are aimed to support our clients in making these decisions by assessing the potential, risks and reality of a concept, company, project or business model.

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It is a solution capable of handling corporate knowledge in a single environment.

Client needs and problems

  • Competencies are not assessed and recorded using a single system, making them difficult to search or query
  • Valuable professional and expertise knowledge may be lost
  • Operation of training activities in costly as a result of poor training planning and realization
  • Implementation of HR strategy is not supported
  • Quality HR factors remain hidden
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A solution capable of collecting large amount of data in a uniform way.

Client needs and problems

  • Reports using the database imprecise
  • High costs related to data management
  • As a result of deficient or improper data the company shall experience direct loss – for example disqualification in public procurements
  • Increasing number of complaints leading to controlling finding mistakes or even penalties
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Social Engineering is a collection of those types of attacks which rely on the weaknesses of the human factor as the weakest element of security, and try to acquire sensitive information with the ability to cause real business loss to a company or organization. The only effective defense option against these attacks lies in the security awareness level of the employees – assessment and targeted development of the security awareness level, as well as identification of imperfections and non-compliances in the relating regulations.

In the framework of GRID Ltd’s Social Engineering audit service the current security awareness level of employees can effectively be assessed and developed – security aware co-workers do not only have a role in risk mitigation of security incidents, but also represent business advantage.

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