Our mission includes the support of decision making processes of our clients, contributing to companies and regulatory bodies in the establishment of strategic actions and decisions. In addition, we aim to promote rational energy consumption in line with the support of the Hungarian national energy system and the improvement of its efficiency.


The above includes the preparation of the investments, financial modeling and impact assessment, risk analysis, regulation and licensing related issues as well as the assessment of target markets. Our market studies cover both the Hungarian and foreign markets too. In addition to reasonable natural resource management, we emphasize the optimal usage of the related material resources as well as the minimization of energy costs and emissions.

Accordingly, we are dedicated to efficient support of meeting European Union and Hungarian goals and undertakings, as well as to the improvement of energy conscious operation of our clients.

How do we support our clients?

  • Management and strategic consultancy:
    • Preparation of business concepts and feasibility studies
    • Start-up founding assistance
    • Financial modeling – individual projects or operative planning
    • Corporate financing and venture capital consultancy
    • Financial and economic due diligence, market and risk analysis
  • Energy consultancy:
    • Execution of energy efficiency audits
    • Management of fully comprehensive group electricity and gas acquisitions
    • Preparation of feasibility studies of energy projects and investments, and taking part in the evaluation and sales of the projects
    • Preparation of impact assessmentsrelated to national and international  legislation plans
    • Professional support of national and European Union funds and grants, both on the regulatory and investor side


  • Business modeling and planning
  • Audit, Due Diligence