During our work we keep the focus on our primary goal, which is to offer services and solutions supporting ERP and operational efficiency, and contribute to responsible decision making.

Within the framework of our IT services, ready-to-use IT solutions and individual IT developments we always look for the optimal solution offering the greatest achievable support to the daily routine, thus presenting real and valuable support to every member of the organization.


How do we support our clients?

  • IT services:
    • IT strategy development
    • IT system analysis, planning and management
    • IT consolidation, IT due diligence
    • IT mapping
    • Quality assurance
    • Workflow support
    • Application operation
    • Development of management information surfaces (dashboards)
    • ARIS based process management consultancy (BPM)
    • ARIS based  governance-, risk management and compliance (GRC)
  • Individual developments:
    • PHP
    • ASP.NET

IT solutions:

  • Knowledge management system
  • Audit system
  • Document approval system
  • Data collector system
  • Project controlling system
  • HR management system