In relation of public transportation we keep in mind compliance with European Union regulations and travelers’ needs at the same time, as well as increase of the ratio of public transportation in the current public and economical transport, both achievable through the improvement of service quality. The latter can be reached only if employees working at public transportation companies carry out their tasks in a client and service friendly manner governed by efficient operation.


GRID Ltd’s services for the improvement of operative efficiency and inner regulation aim to support the achievement of the above goals.

In order to sustain the competitiveness of companies in the public transportation sector it is necessary to carry out investments connected to infrastructure. In relation of services we prefer the widespread application of developed European practices. Decision supporting studies and feasibility studies prepared by out company are able to support the success in meeting the above goals.

Public transportation companies, as giant energy consumers could be leaders in the implementation of energy efficiency measures and investments, contributing to the desired state image. GRID Ltd’s professional services related to energy management (procurement, energy audit, integrated energy) support the achievement of both lower energy costs and energy efficiency.