Business continuity planning is the process during which an organization prepares itself for the occurrence of irregular events threatening critical business processes, with the aim to be able to manage damages or deactivation and reset in critical business processes with the least possible time, financial and other resources.


With the help of business continuity planning:

  • Prompt and efficient reaction is ensured in case of an unexpected event
  • Prompt and efficient communication is carried out within and outside the organization
  • Amount of damages caused by an unexpected event is significantly lower
  • Outage period of business processes is minimized
  • Continuous service can be ensured
  • Client trust and good reputation is increased
  • Compliance with relevant regulation can be carried out
  • Adequate crisis communication is ensured

GRID Ltd’s business continuity management system support service covers the complete life circle of a business continuity system starting from the development of the system, through regular maintenance, testing and training tasks all the way to scheduled reviews.

How dowe support our clients?

  • We review regulatory documents with business continuity relevance and give proposals for its development
  • We assess business continuity maturity level and compliance with outside requirements (standards, laws, etc.)
  • We review or personalize business continuity regulations, methodology and connecting documents
  • In the form of interviews we carry out process assessments with the pointed process owners and identify critical classification of the assessed processes
  • We evaluate outage possibilities and effects of identified processes and resources, and prepare the risk analysis
  • Upon request we review existing security measures, its efficiency and operability
  • We give professional support during the development of alternative processes, BCP action plans and DRP action plans, and make proposals for the implementation of further measures
  • We give professional support during development, testing and training of action plans
  • We support the choice, implementation and application of the business continuity management software
  • We give professional support during the implementation of ISO 22301 certificate.

Products generated as a result of our business continuity management support projects include:

  • Survey report, including the list of development options
  • Business continuity methodology, including the certain steps of implementation and maintenance of the business continuity management system
  • Business continuity regulation, identifying tasks in relation of the operation of the business continuity management system
  • Records of process assessment interviews
  • Documents of business impact and risk analysis
  • List of critical processes and supportive resources, indicating maximal outage periods
  • BCP and DCP action plans
  • Testing and survey plans and records
  • Training materials and memos
  • Recording of action plans into business continuity management support applications (such as CARISMA, uWe!) or process management systems (such as ARIS, Visio).


Points of our business continuity program, based on our experiences, have been divided into four service packages, according to the following:

  • Audit

The main goal of our business continuity audit is to support the organization’s compliance with the relevant standards, regulations, company rules. As a result of our services our clients can get a realistic picture of the existing business continuity systems and identify necessary development needs.

  • Development

When introducing a business continuity management system, many organizations aim to reach only the point of identifying critical processes and resources. This package is ideal for them, since it enables the development of the framework of the business continuity system, regulatory documents and supporting resources.

  • Implementation

Following the carry out of the process assessment and business impact analysis the next step is the preparation, testing and training of BCP and DRP action plans. Full implementation of the system is possible only including these.

  • Maintenance

Our maintenance package gives professional support during the operation and regular tasks related to the business continuity management system.

Next to the above we also offer individual business continuity management packages planned and carried out according to our partners’ special needs, based on a consultation and special offer.