Our primary goal and task is to improve and support the strategy implementation skills of our clients, achieved through the establishment of cooperation among efficient ERP tools as well as the support of the development of a learning organization.


In order to succeed we coordinate ERP tools in a way to:

  • support the decision making of the management with adequateinformation (time, quality and quantity),
  • give a real status on the current state of operation and enables analysis via „drilldown”,
  • ensure clear tasks and copes of responsibility for everyone,
  • support the persistentcompliance in relation to the complex national and international legislation environment,
  • help understand and accept the need of change as well as the advantages opportunities a change can hold for individuals, a team and the entire organization.

In order to succeed, an existing effective inner control system and sufficient corporate info communication technology are necessary.

How dowe support our clients?

  • We develop a process based ERP and CRM system.
  • We improve operational effectivity and present a tool for performance monitoring and analysis.
  • We help identify operational risks and develop proper control measures.
  •  We automatize processes which operate by a daily routine in order to decrease time and necessary resource need, as well as improve control.
  • We develop custom IT solutions and keep in mind integration
  • We support change management and necessary change in corporate culture with training programs and trainings.


  • GRC system implementation