Our goal is to configure an efficient work process management using workflow supporting applications, namely effectively support process fulfillment by improving time/cost/quality aspects.

General characteristics of operation, potential problems:

  • Different tasks generally do not belong to one single employee anymore, but as a result of differentiated competences and responsibilities, involve more people
  • Materials tend to reach the employees forwarded via traditional systems –email, or printed- thus workflow is difficult to be monitored
  • Added value of individuals is hard to define, next to which it is difficult to monitor and evaluate opinions, proposals arriving from different levels, thus trach task delegations
  • Even in case of smaller enterprises a potential problem is the lack of a central manager overseeing different tasks as a whole
  • Process-based approach is still not common in case of enterprises
  • There are no automatic processes in cases of smaller routine tasks which could enable a faster workflow


What is workflow?

  • Workflow = electronically supported business process
  • The point of it is logical organization and adequate support of business processes
  • The task of it is work process control, guidance, recording and management of different work phases electronically
  • Result: sufficient information reaches the competent person in adequate time and quality

Advantages, possible ways of use

Main advantages of process supporting workflow applications include:

  • Faster and more precise process execution
  • Creation of comprehensive documentation and measurability (monitoring) in relation of the entire execution
  • Integration potential

Examples for application:

  • Replication of processes which can be standardized or are managed by the use of standard forms
  • Preparation of complementary records for the content which is compiled by more employees or organizations and where communication is generally carried out by transferring files
  • In processes involving approval or opinion indication

Our complete workflow solutions

  • Regulatory and approval workflow
  • Audit workflow