A solution capable of collecting large amount of data in a uniform way.

Client needs and problems

  • Reports using the database imprecise
  • High costs related to data management
  • As a result of deficient or improper data the company shall experience direct loss – for example disqualification in public procurements
  • Increasing number of complaints leading to controlling finding mistakes or even penalties



Use of our system ensures that:

  • the format of recorded data is uniform and satisfying
  • data recording from anywhere, on-line
  • recorded data can be checked (according to defined aspects) by the system, with its consistencies recorded as well
  • data management is carried out on a high level of security (such as classified data communication)
  • the system is closed (can be accessed after user verification), or can be accessed form a public address as well

Potential advantages

  • Collection of large amount of data
  • Short deadlines
  • Uniform way
  • In a consistent form