Based on surveys, in Hungary one in five enterprises has suffered direct financial loss resulting from information security incidents. Our goal is the assessment of information security status of our clients, the support of the implementation of adequate information security countermeasures, the increase of information security awareness of employees and the ensuring of information security and business continuity in case of an unexpected ensure information security and business continuity.


Information security for us goes beyond IT security, thus we put emphasis on physical security, security of operational processes as well as all of the human resource.

Information security for us goes beyond IT security, covering every element of values of protection, including the information, the applications, IT tools and infrastructure as well as all of the human resource.

How do we support our clients?

  • We estimate and classify the data asset of the organization, prepare information security risk analysis and identify relevant threats and vulnerabilities of the systems, based on which we make proposals regarding optional information security countermeasures.
  • We establish or review policies, regulations, manuals related to information security.
  • We perform the assessment of operational processes and by analyzing the effects of their outage, we prepare a business impact analysis (BIA), based on which we implement business continuity (BCP) and disaster recovery action plans DRP).
  • By performing Social Engineering and Social Media Engineering audits we identify risks related to attacks exploiting the vulnerabilities of human factor, and make proposals regarding security countermeasures.
  • Within the framework of our security awareness program we can effectively develop employees’ security awareness and integrate information security knowledge into everyday life.
  • We support the organization in its compliance with legal requirements and in acquiring information security certificates (such as ISO 27001).


  • Social Engineering Audit
  • Security awareness training, program
  • Business continuity management, BCP and DRP